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New Year Retreat | Yoga/Meditation, Satsang and Meditation Concert

Monitor: Vera Ferreira e Daniella Monteiro
Date: 30 December, 2018 to 01 January, 2019

This retreat is an open space where each one can flow respecting their own nature, to create an alternative to the running, the excesses and the typical extroversion of the last days of the year. Slow down, simplify, go inward. We may be inspired by what the new year represents, and be receptive to a clearer and more transparent way to seeing  who we really are. Who knows in this willingness to recognize that the happiness we seek is already Here, we can welcome 2019 with a contentment that does not depend on fireworks, goals, targets and promises. The New Year is Here and Now. Beyond the clock time, beyond the calendar days. Now. Now. Now. 

Schedule Alignment 

December 30, Sunday 

10h00_11h30  Welcome, check-in 
12h00    Brief presentation of the retreat and space for practical questions. 
  Queitening / Meditation 
13h00_14h30  Lunch 
15h00_16h00  Conscious Walking 
17h00_18h30  Yoga (Daniella Monteiro and Vera Ferreira) 
19h00_20h30  Dinner 
21h00_22h15  Satsang (Gautam Sachdeva) 
31 December, Monday 
9h00_10h00  Conscious Walking 
10h00_10h40  Breakfast 
11h00_12h15 Satsang 
13h00_14h30  Lunch 
17h00_18h30 Yoga and meditation 
19h00_20h30  Dinner 
21h00_22h30  Satsang 
23h00_01h00 Meditative Concert  (Teresa Gabriel)

January 1, Tuesday 
9h00_10h30  Breakfast 
11h00_12h30  Yoga and meditation 
13h00_14h00 Lunch 
15h00_16h00 Satsang 

Yoga and Meditation with Daniella Monteiro and Vera Ferreira 

To learn more please click on links below: 
Daniella Monteiro – Yoga Instructor
Vera Ferreira – Yoga Instructor 

Satsangs with Gautam Sachdeva 
Satsang  with Gautam Sachdeva. Coming from India, it is with great joy that we receive Gautam on his first visit to Portugal. Gautam is an Advaita (Non-Duality ) book author.  He spent more than nine years with the well-known Advaita teacher, Ramesh Balsekar, helping him editing and publishing his work. Sri Nisargadatta Maharaji, author of the famous book "I Am That" was Ramesh´s Master. With his teachers blessings, Gautam began to write about his own experience on the teaching. He also shares his experiential understanding of Advaita during talks with groups of like- minded people, with the specific focus on “peace of mind in daily living”. His books , as well as his talks, display a rare combination of humility and simplicity occasionally peppered with humor. 
 To learn more please click on links below 
Gautam Sachadev´s  site:
A short  vídeo with Ramesh Balsekar 

Note: The satsangs will be translated simultaneously into Portuguese. 

Meditative Concert with Teresa Gabriel 

Musician, artist, teacher, develops her creative and healing work through music and sound. Where she integrates Yoga, shamanism and meditation. With three albums, Teresa has  performed various concerts in Portugal, as well as shared her work over- seas ;  Spain, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Hungary and Italy. She plays the guitar as a second voice, the voice of spirit, using also other instruments on her compositions: piano, strings, didgeridoo, sitar, charango, bass, shruti - box, rav - drum and percussions from the Middle East. 
 To learn more  please click on link below : 
Teresa Gabriel site:

A short video with Teresa Gabriels music:

Retreat Costs 

€ 220.00 that can be paid as follows: 
1. € 70 when registering in October + € 75 in November + € 75 on December 30 
2. € 110 on registration in October + € 110 on December 30 
3. € 70 on registration in October + € 150 on December 30 
4. € 110 in November + € 110 on December 30 
Retreat costs include: Yoga and meditation practices, satsang, concert, vegetarian meals and accommodation. It does not include transport, but we can organize shared rides. 
We can only guarantee your reservation after payment, once openings are limited. 

 4 Ventos is a retreat center in an ecological reserve valley, called Casal de São Pedro, in Sobral da Abelheira, Mafra. It is about 40 minutes from Lisbon.  
Learn more here : 

Please note: 
The retreats schedule alignment may be subject to small changes that depend on group dynamics and what the moment demands. We encourage quieting and moments of contemplation. For those who wish, there is the possibility of going deeper inwards maintaing silence through all days. We have available "Silence" badges that you can use whenever you feel it is appropriate and, in this way, will be respected in your contemplation. 

 "Let Silence Be Your Last Word" - Mooji 

More info:

Vera Ferreira |

919 908 829

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