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Inner and Outer Landscapes

Monitor: Stephanie Jansen and Ingrid Baart
Date: 13 to 18 October, 2018

We invite you to join our soulful and artful workshop

Inner and Outer Landscapes

By Stephanie Jansen and Ingrid Baart

In a beautiful nature reserve and comfortable ecologic center 4Ventos in Portugal, near Lisboa and Atlantic coast, we offer a 5-day workshop based on Authentic Movement and Visual Art.

Dates: arrival October 13 gathering at dinner – closure October 18 after breakfast

Joy in the dancing body and mind, unfolding images from the unconscious and express these in silence as well as in your open air artworks (spatial and/or two-dimensional) are the focus of this exciting event in a inspiring natural environment.
You have the opportunity to work daily with both teachers whereby both disciplines are integrated and will support your personal development, artistic as well as in-depth.

A view of the location you can find here

If you are curious to who we are and to our work you may have a look at our websites:

Ingrid Baart

Stephanie Jansen (artworks) and (artcourses)

Here is the page for more detailed information:

Ingrid Baart   :

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