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Jhanas Silent Retreat

Monitor: Leigh Brasington
Date: 06 to 15 April, 2018

Jhanas - Silêncio

This retreat will emphasize the application of the meditative absorptions, the Jhanas, in a regular sitting practice. The Jhanas are a method of one-pointed concentration taught in the Theravadin Buddhist tradition. The retreat will emphasize the teaching of this technique and the relationship of the Jhanas to the Vipassana practices in the Satipattana Suttas. It will be held in Noble Silence with sitting and walking meditation and personal interviews. This retreat is lead entirely in English.

Guidelines: please make sure you read the following guidelines before you sign up on this retreat.

Where : is a retreat centre located in a nature reserve, 40km from Lisbon (Portugal) and 10km from the coast and lovely beaches. If you need a lift to the retreat centre, the organisers will do their best to find one. Please send us your traveling details.

When :

Starts: 6th of April, Friday, at 20h00 (arrival after 16h00)

Ends: 15th of April, Sunday, at 12h00.

Costs : 450€ (this covers your lodging, food and travel expenses for the teacher).

Teacher Dana :

Leigh Brasington's Dharma teaching is offered freely. Your generosity (Dana) helps to ensure this can continue.


If resident outside Portugal, please send an e-mail or book online. After your booking is processed, you will receive further information concerning deposits and payments.



    Leigh Brasington has been practising meditation since 1985 and is the senior        American student of the late Ven. Ayya Khema, who confirmed his practice and    requested that he begin teaching. Leigh assisted Ven. Ayya Khema starting in 1994, and has been leading retreats on his own since 1997 in both Europe and North America. This will be his fourth time in Portugal leading a retreat.

More Info:  Centro UPAYA - 

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