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Storytelling Journey | Roi Gal-Or

Data: 20 a 23 Fevereiro, 2020

A storyteller is more than a teller of tales; from the dawn of time, storytellers have been the teachers and guides, the entertainers, advocates of change and healers of humanity.”

Roi Gal-Or is an internationally acclaimed performing storyteller and workshop leader publicly recognised for his unique, playful and profound way of teaching storytelling.

Roi is co-founder of the International School of Storytelling, based at Emerson College in England, and has taught storytelling at the University of Sussex. For 17 years, he has taught the art and craft of the storyteller to thousands of people around the world.


Beginners Workshop of traditional storytelling (stories from the Oral tradition):

In this introduction course, we will begin exploring the Art and Craft of the storyteller, working on story structure, voice, gesture, connection and audience awareness, authenticity and presence.

In a playful, supportive and encouraging environment we will discover the depth and richness of the oral tradition, how to start building a repertoire as a storyteller, and how the art of Zstorytelling can transform our own lives and the communities around us.

Workshop starts on 20/02/20 at 4pm and finishes on 23/02/20 at 4pm.



4Ventos Center Retreat


Casal de São Pedro

Sobral da Abelheira . 2640 MAFRA

40km from Lisbon (39min)

38o 59′ 18,53′′ N e 9o 19’ 28,48′′W


Workshop Values includes:

Accommodation in shared rooms

Delicious vegetarian meals - breakfast + lunch + dinner

Central heating and fire place

Reservation until 20 January - 420€

Reservation after 20 January - 440€


Workshop Values without accommodation:

Reservation until 20 January with lunch - 355€

Reservation after 20 January with lunch - 375€


Registration and information:

With Matilde Salema

Mobile Phone: +351 919623939

Email: info@storytellingjourney.com | https://www.facebook.com/StorytellingJourney/



Workshop will be given in English.

Bring comfortable clothes and slippers because shoes are not allowed inside the center.

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