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Prazer, Presença e Intimidade - Retiro

Monitor: Jason Baker , Julian Marcus e Anabela Rebelo
Data: 27 a 29 Outubro, 2017

Experience deep nurturing through connection, honouring your feelings and who you are! 

Friday: Arrival 19hr and Dinner 20hr then 21hr - 23hr Evening group activities 

Retreat ends on Sunday 29th at 18hr

In this retreat we will focus on intimacy and presence, opening deeply to feelings and sensations. The goals of this retreat are to facilitate an intimate connection with yourself, with others and also to take a deep journey into pleasure as a healing source. 
This contact includes opening yourself up, allowing yourself to feel your needs and also allowing yourself to have your needs fulfilled. 

This retreat is right for you if you ever ‘go along’ with receiving touch that may be close, but not exactly what you want. You’ll connect in new ways that feel safe and fulfilling using your feelings and sensations as a guide to our personal path. This way you can relax and feel more pleasure, joy, and more intimacy, both with yourself and with others! 

To support a renewed feeling of self and security we include deep emotional work in the dynamics of this retreat. This way we can be more open to our “weightless innocence” and true essence letting go of unwanted beliefs from our acquired systems. 

The dynamics may include nudity and sexual touch with full mutual consent. It is intended for those who are interested in being comfortable with nudity in a group setting and are looking for a safe pathway to this kind of experience. Nothing is required. Everyone will just be themselves. You may keep some or all of of your clothes on for the entire time (including during massage) or not, and you may choose to be touched in whatever way you like – sexual or not. Any touch requires full consent by both parties! The retreat is excellent for everyone, single or paired, who desires more touch and more pleasure in their lives. This work also serves as an educational and supportive continuation for therapists, masseurs, bodyworkers, erotisas and tantrikas. 

During the three days will be building up the feeling of support, acceptance, well-being and unity; opening up the heart and soul. The event will start off on the Friday evening with dinner and group dynamic group exercises so everyone can easily get comfortable. 

On Saturday and Sunday we will be exploring our bodie’s necessities, working in groups of 1, 2 or 3 depending on the exercise. Some of the techniques we will be using are: 

- Wheel of consent: Understanding and practicing the dynamics of yes and no to form a secure basis,
- Let your body do the talking: Learning to listen through your body and then ask for what touch you want
- Healing Love Tao Alchemy: powerful tools for transformation and vitality,
- Whole Body stimulation: distributing the pleasure throughout the body,
- Orgasmic Release Massage: a dynamic that awakens pleasure from the depth of the muscles and brings it up to the surface.

The Venue: 4 Ventos is a renovated ancient village that has been turned into a cosy, intimate retreat centre. It is just 40km north of Lisbon and 10km from the beach. 

Investment: We have decided to create a package deal which will lower the price in general and give us all more comfort. The price at this venue will be 197€ and includes all of the practices, meals and accommodation. Payment with IBAN - please email jasonjefferybaker@gmail.com to book your place.

Number of participants: Maximum 28, minimum 12

Your Facilitators: 

Ouroboros is a man, father, body psychotherapist, constellator, doula and tantrika. He is based on intuition, heart and a very rich and dynamic life since 1961. He has been a therapist officially since 1997. Since then he has specialized in themes related to emotion, vitality, pregnancy, early childhood and sexuality. He has developed some original techniques including Wombing, Dynamic Birth and his most recent projects are The Wisdom of Pleasure and Casa da Floresta.

Hikari is a father and runs an online learning platform for health practitioners. He completed a degree in bodywork approaches and teaches alchemy and embodiment practices. Since 2001 his passion is for conscious touch and trans-formative connection through massage, group work, conscious sexuality trainings. The passion for this work over the years has lead to strong professional connections and collaborations with other facilitators including Ouroboros in a beautiful and synchronistic way. Hikari practices in Lisbon and Colares Portugal and London UK as well as offering online coaching. 

Anabela Rebelo, is a woman, mother, engineer, erotisa, bodyworker and a holistic, multidimensional therapist. Consciously, she began her Awakening process 14 years ago and ever since she’s been learning more and more how to express and manifest who She Truly Is in every moment and to Surrender to Life and its mysterious. The pillars of her work are Heart and Presence. She facilitates groups including womens circles and moon meditation and sessions for women, men and couples.

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